Monday, November 26, 2007

The second picture to appear in my new book Zen of Watering Your Garden is of a double flowered variegated hybrid Camelia japonica. I believe it is variety Edna Bass. I keep my camellia garden well-mulched. I have a large number of well established plants on a slope under very high pine trees. I use azalea camellia fertilizer twice a year and water only when there has been no rain. The flowers are big and lush and beautiful. The one in the book has just been watered. The hybrids are prized both in Japan and in the Southern U.S. for their size color and beauty often blooming , especially the early ones when not much else in the garden is blooming certainly not in the spectacular way. I do not know if these have a cultural significance in Asia. And of course these are close relatives to Camelia sinensis is the source of tea.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Japanese Magnolias Dripping After Watering

This Picture became the wrap-around cover for Zen of Watering Your Garden. It is indicative of the quality of the photographs and the essence of the books purpose. Watering brings you closer to Nature and her basic elements. Her beauty is everywhere. I tried to convey this through the camera lens in this photo.


I have just had my book the Zen of Watering Your Garden published by Sunbelt Publishers.This 152 page book is a collection of 145 full color photographs (contributed by some twenty photographers from all over the world) juxtaposed with nearly 70 aphorisms, sayings and poems (from many different sources). For the gardener, this book will help inspire one to continue or return to hand-watering. As doing so brings; a Zen-like experience, a closeness to Nature's wonders and to water the source of life, and to your inner being, your soul. For the gardener wanabee the book will help rekindle experiences or encourage new endeavors. Googling zen of watering will take you to a location that will give you a sense of the book's contents. These books will be great gifts for friends, for family, for your sanity.