Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elvis Lives

I've been bad having taken a hiatus from blogging which at the time seemed to be consuming more and more of my time, particularly trying to keep up all my other responsibilities while traveling. I had hoped to edit the photo to read 'Matt Lives' but decided it is implied, in as much as I took the photo recently on a trip to the Boerner Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It is always nice to see a sense of humor exists among plant breeders. Hostas do well here (Zone 9) when the shade is considerable and the watering frequent and with considerable pesticide use. My record of success is abysmal because I am unwilling to fight the vegetation predators that so abound in the heat of summer. I have more travel pics and a lot more of my own garden pics as the last few months bring a perfusion of garden changes. Matt

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